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Computational Thinking is a 21st-century skill that, in the information age, is indispensable to all humans.

people professions

Every student and every profession, from a writer to a baseball player, needs computational thinking to succeed.

children around the world

Computational thinking education is not institutionalized in an equitable and accessible way.


 Computational Thinking Alliance

An alliance of for-profit and non-profit professional development organizations, digital platform providers, and educational institutions with a common goal:

To institute computational thinking as an important educational asset in schools across the world.

Group of teachers and professional development organizations

CTA is dedicated to expanding the notion of computational thinking from a math and computer science topic to one useful for all subjects.

Effective learning environment where teachers and students are operating a robot

CTA aims to retool schools with the platforms, content, and strategies they need to effectively convey computational thinking skills to their students.


Goals of CTA

Integrating computational thinking into curriculum book


Integrate computational thinking into current math and computer science curricula.

Person/student thinking, experimenting and self directing

Self Learning

Foster a culture of learning that is experimental and self-directed.



Ensure privacy protections when integrating new ed-tech and learning environments into the classroom.

collaborating between different platforms


Become a foundation of and complement to existing coding and makerspace platforms

Using math and imagination to form a virtual playground, a rocket in space.

Math Playground

Provide a Computational Thinking Playground in the language of math

Person's imagination and ideas

Virtual Makerspace

Provide a virtual makerspace to foster creativity in an accessible and equitable way.

professional development, learning and discussion workshop.

Professional Dev.

Provide innovative professional development for STEM teachers and education leaders.

Sharing and discussing ideas between people. speech bubbles

Empower Sharing

Empower teachers and students to create and share their own work.

Empower and Impact at Scale