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Connect Classrooms to Social Causes

A Prize associated with your brand can empower K-12 students in your community to become creative problem solvers, using our alliance of educational organizations and EdTech partners.



Students & Teachers Impacted


Activities Played in 30+ Countries


Activities Created and Shared by Students and Teachers


What does your company care about?

Bringing creative problem solving and 21st-century skills to K-12 students in your communities. Students create puzzles that connect learning to the given cause, and share these puzzles with other community members.

Impact through partnerships



Our core values



Equitable and Accessible Social Impact on Your Community
Increase Learning and Engagement in 21st Century Skills by Empowering K-12 Students to become Creative Problem Solvers


By raising awareness on the world's biggest challenges through fun and engaging activities
Weekly challenges that encourage students to develop creative solutions to challenges each week.


Execute Prizes under Your Brand Reaching Your Community
Prize setup with your own branding.
Exposure to a large, worldwide community of schools, teachers, students and parents.


Prize Stakeholders


Brand positioning through social impact

It is widely proven that companies that care about the community around them develop a stronger brand.

Connect K-12 students with the challenges your company is committed to, and bring positive brand awareness to kids, parents, and the whole educational community.


Viral and Inclusive Weekly Prizes


Polyup is an equitable and accessible web-based problem solving and computational thinking playground.

Social media involves all members of the community.

Weekly Prizes Advantages

Compared to traditional student competitions and hackathons, Poly Challenge weekly Prizes reach a significantly wider community with a longer exposure period and stickier brand impact.

Problems solved in 1 week
for the Stanford Youcubed Prize

Challenges vs Competitions

Challenges vs Competitions

Measurable Impact

Performance Analytics

We provide real-time analytics on the performance of the prize.


Number of problems solved within your challenge.


Number of students, parents, teachers and schools involved.


Clicks to sponsor's website, visits on social media, etc.

Measuring Learning

Many competitions and challenges have a large reach but fail to identify the actual learning impact. Polyup has proven to be a tool that makes the student grow their mathematical mindset through activities. This research is being conducted by renowned organizations such as WestEd and MIT.


A Growing Community

We view Poly Challenge as a movement, as a community of creative problem solvers working on the most important challenges of our time, using math and computational thinking skills.

We've partnered with Participate, a leading community space for teachers and educators worldwide. Our partnership offers the following opportunities to the sponsor:

Participate Community
Exposure to the main Participate communities.

Your Own Prize Community
The creation, promotion and management of your own prize community.

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Empower the next generation of creative problem solvers

Make an impact, at scale.